Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Gorgeous Kitty Cat Brookie!!!!

Here is little miss beautiful kitty Brooklyn all grown up!! She is just amazing and has the sweetest most loving personality!

I sure enjoy her company! She just loves to curl up
right at my desk when I'm working and go to sleep!

She is absolutely the most cuddly, fluffy cat ever!!
She even curls up with me at night.

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Just Between Us Girls said...

OOOO my gosh...your cat is incredible. Love love love her...what does she weigh...Just you brush her every day. You blog is grand and very uplifting and I like your pillows very much with their classic lines.
Thank you for sending me the link again. I hope you feel better. Colds are not fun. Yes, Julie is a kind and thoughtful and sincere. I am glad she is your friend.
Happy days,